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Combo Crate (Comes with 2 Crates) 3-Month Subscription

$174.00 $180.00

NOTE: International orders are only permitted for 1-month orders and 1-month recurring subscriptions. Any international 3 and 6-month orders will be canceled and refunded.

***The cutoff for all orders is the 15th of the month @ 11:59pm EST! All orders placed after this date will count as an order for the following month's Crate. All Crates begin shipping on the 20th of the month!***

NOTE: If you would like the chance to receive a card of your favorite player(s) or team(s) as a replacement for a bonus pack (you may receive card(s) and/or pack(s) depending upon the random bonus you get that month), then please list your favorite players and/or teams in the "Add a note to your order" section located in the bottom corner when viewing your shopping cart.

What's inside the each Crate:

  • Cards: Unsearched HOBBY Packs of Baseball, Basketball, and/or Football Cards. The number of packs vary depending upon the products selected that month. Each crate usually contains 5-8 packs of cards, depending upon the product prices.
  • Bonus: EVERY crate features a Bonus! You will receive a Single, Double, Triple, or Home Run. Singles, Doubles, and Triples will consist of a pack(s) and/or cards for the team/player you collect. The Home Run will be a sealed box! There will be one Home Run winner per month. All bonuses are unique to each Crate (Baseball, Basketball, and Football Crate each have their own Home Run Winner). Bonuses continue to get better and better depending upon the number of subscribers we have (Tell your friends!).
  • Supplies: Penny Sleeves and Top Loaders
  • Info Sheet: Not sure what to look for in each product? Want to know the odds? We will inform you on some of the hot cards to look for and let you know what the odds of getting a hit are for that product! There will also be details on our social media giveaway... another chance at a Home Run!

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